Founded by technology entrepreneurs Rick SteeleRichard Frank, tripangel endeavors to be the world's most immersive and personal travel application. 


While we perfect our model in Las Vegas, join us in creating the perfect travel experience, for everyone. Our goal is simple: To become the peoples In-City Host, there to help you however we can.


Executive Team

                      Spiked Hair

                      Spiked Hair

Rick H. Steele
Founder & Chairman

                      Spiked Hair

                      Spiked Hair

Richard Frank
Founder/VP Operations

                    Beautiful Hair

                    Beautiful Hair

Mark Cuban
Dream Partner


The Important People

Ron Marlo
Director of Travel

Artem Petrov 
General Architect


Ryan Chastain
VP Daylife/Nightlife

Helen Khais
VP Business Dev.



Justin Munoz
VP Daylife/Nightlife

Oleg Reshetnyak
Lead Engineer



Chad Solis
VIP Host

Tony Schmidt
Advisory Board


Open Positions

Senior Architect Engineer

Got what it takes to take a vision, inject your own sense of style and revolutionize the travel industry? We want to hear from you! Previous extensive work with native iOS and Android a must. 



  • Impressive Portfolio is a must
  • Other tech stuff (you wouldn't be applying if you didn't know what that meant, right?)
  • Let the bosses beat you at ping pong. and Golf!

Design Associate

If you have a pillow that's embroidered UI/UX, you probably should send us your resume! We love hiring designers that think out of the proverbial box and want to influence the world with their own wicked taste.



  • A highly self motivated person who can take a napkin with ideas and run with it.
  • as mentioned before, an actual embroidered pillow with UI/UX emblazoned on it!
  • PSD's, Jay Pegs, Animated Gifts(sp). All that jazz!


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